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Pro Bono Financial Planning

When families face a health crisis like cancer, they often quickly begin to incur credit card debt, borrow against 401ks and skip mortgage payments as they try to stay afloat. Family Reach, the Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) and the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) have a program, Financial Planning for Cancerto ensure financial barriers never get in the way of a patient’s access to care.

This unique program builds lifelong skills and confidence in financial management, aiding families from treatment to survivorship. Patients and caregivers learn how to leverage budget and balance sheets, examine life, long-term care or disability insurance options and negotiate debt. This one-on-one assistance allows families to formulate a plan they can execute as they move forward, protecting their financial health and, in turn, their loved one’s chance of overcoming cancer.

Rashida Lilani works with cancer patients and their families on a pro bono basis, assisting them with making critical financial decisions. While it is a limited engagement, Rashida hopes her guidance and coaching in financial matters assists these individuals in getting through these challenging times in their lives. 

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