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Educate. Empower. Experience.

Our mission is to create and preserve wealth for our clients through effective implementation of sound financial strategies. Financial planning does NOT have to be an intimidating or frustrating process. We listen to our clients’ concerns, learn what is important to them and take action. We regularly communicate with them to ensure the feasibility of their plan, all the while staying current with the changes in estate and tax laws that may affect our clients’ short and long term goals.


Rashida Lilani, CFP®, CPWA®

Founder, Financial Planner

 (888) 521-6752 

Early in her career, Rashida realized that in order to provide financial guidance to her clients in all stages of their lives, she needed to elevate herself from being a generalist to a specialist. With advanced designations of Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Private Wealth Advisor™, and over 20 years of industry experience, she has the wisdom and expertise to assist her clients with a myriad of financial decisions as they go through all the significant moments in their lives.

Clients need financial guidance, but they also need a supportive and pro-active partnership with their advisor. And with that vision in mind, Rashida launched Lilani Wealth Management in 2007. The firm is celebrating 16 years this year and continues to provide the highest level of objective, unbiased, holistic financial planning and investment services.

Rashida holds a BS in Business Administration/Finance from California State University Northridge. She also holds a BA in Mathematics from St. Joseph’s College. She is currently serving as a board director for the Peninsula Estate Planning Council. In the past, she has served on the boards of the Financial Planning Association of Northern California, Blue Line Arts and Executive Women’s Golf Association.

Rashida provides pro bono financial planning services to individuals affected by cancer through the collaboration of Family Reach and Financial Planning Association. Rashida lives in Granite Bay with her husband, enjoys travelling and playing golf. Gardening is an ongoing passion as is reading and drawing. She is passionate about women’s causes and aspires to one day operate a domestic violence shelter in an under-served part of the country. 

Annie Kropinova, CFP®


 (888) 521-6752

Annie's passion for empowering individuals with objective financial advice led her to join Lilani Wealth Management. As a Certified Financial Planner™, she strives to promote financial literacy and make a meaningful impact on clients' lives. Recognizing the long-term consequences of informed financial decisions, Annie's experiences instilled in her a deep appreciation for the importance of sound financial choices for individuals and future generations. This combination of a keen interest in finance, investing, and a genuine desire to assist others paved the way for her to pursue a fulfilling career in financial planning and wealth management.

Annie graduated summa cum laude from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Minor in Business. Currently, she is pursuing an MBA in Finance from Sacramento State University, further enhancing her expertise in the field.

Before joining Lilani Wealth Management, Annie held the position of Senior Investor Relations Associate at ShoreVest Partners, a private equity firm specializing in Chinese distressed debt and structured credit. Additionally, she contributed her skills in Business Development and Project Management to an educational startup company in Silicon Valley.

In her spare time, Annie finds joy in various activities. She appreciates the outdoors, reading, swimming, chess games, and embarks on enriching travel experiences.

Julia McPherson


 (888) 521-6752

Julia has always been fascinated by the factors that influence societal and economic trends, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Journalism from CSU Sacramento. While in college and for a few years afterwards, Julia wrote freelance articles for local publications covering the Sacramento region. 

Julia was drawn to the field of finance because of the unique relationship that fiduciary financial advisors develop with their clients. Once she found a position in the field, she grew a passion for servicing client's accounts and helping clients meet their personal goals through financial wellness. Julia is passionate about sharing the importance of financial literacy and financial independence, and what it can bring to an individual's life, especially a woman's life.

Julia believes that private capital can be a critical tool in affecting positive change in the world and would like to help clients build a legacy that they are proud of. She is committed to furthering her education in finance and is currently obtaining her CFP certification. In her spare time she enjoys kayaking, reading, antiquing, and any activity that gets her outdoors.  

Erin Garrison

Operations Manager

 (888) 521-6752

Erin comes to Lilani Wealth Management as our operations manager, with a trajectory to earn her bachelor’s degree in business and her CFP designation. Her previous roles include providing customer service for an online brokerage and providing administrative assistance in a CFP practice and a CPA firm. Erin is excited about growing with Lilani Wealth Management to be able to help offer wealth management solutions to clients that fit their needs. In her spare time, she enjoys swing dancing, movie nights with her friends, hiking, reading, and cooking- with a preference for the ‘eating’ portion of the activity.


Lilani Wealth Management takes the time to educate their clients in simple, concise and easy to understand terminology, with a down-to-earth and straightforward approach.

We empower our clients by letting them take control of their financial future, striving to leave no room for second guessing and put them in the driver’s seat of their long term financial decision making. Lilani Wealth Management offers its clients the experience of working with a certified financial planner whose goal is to deliver results with objectivity, compassion and trustworthiness.

In addition, we build long-term relationships based on the core values of trust, integrity and confidence.


The majority of women today lead very different lives than just a few decades ago. They excel in their careers, efficiently handle responsibilities at home, attend little league games, volunteer at the local food bank and still manage to make it to the yoga class on time! Women, today, also have a lot working against them. Take for instance their life span. A woman today is expected to live about eight to nine years longer than their male counterparts. Over 70% of nursing home residents are women, with almost 50% of women aged 65 and older being widows.

Women continue to be the primary caregiver for an aging parent or a young child. As a result, they stay out of the workforce for an average of 15% of their working years. This not just results in setbacks in their careers, but also negatively impacts their long-term savings such as 401(k) plans and social security benefits.

So in short, women are expected to live longer… with less money. As a result, more and more women are seeking financial guidance in making the right decisions to offset the setbacks and proactively take control of their future. There are more female scientists, politicians, astronauts and business-owners than ever before, and the numbers are growing.

Having faced such adversity herself, Rashida Lilani, CFP® feels passionately about helping other women realize their life goals and lead a life that’s aligned with their value system, so her clients and their loved ones can live a rewarding and fulfilling life.